Get rich video-based responses and feedback at the click of a button

Recordr is a user-friendly, highly customisable tool that allows your audiences, staff, clients and stakeholders to effortlessly record and submit user-generated videos

Play Video

Recordr is a flexible and highly customisable video capture tool built for a variety of applications

Testimonials & feedback

Gain greater insights into your users and create compelling promotional materials with video feedback and testimonials

Video based Q&As

Increase engagement and participation at your events and AGMs with authentic video questions for your Q&A sessions

Remote video production

Gather high quality user-generated videos for your video productions without the need for costly recording sessions

Surveys & research

Learn more about what your users really want and need before you develop new products and services

How it works

Our team will help support you throughout the entire process

1. Set-up

We’ll help you design, implement and brand your app.

2. Share

Accessible via a single link on any device; no apps or logins required.

3. Record

Capture multiple recordings per user, with optional time limits.

4. Download

Review, approve and download submissions via our web portal.

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Recordr features

Quick & easy to use

No app download required – access via a dedicated web page or embed on your own website

Mobile optimised

Recordr works seamlessly across all device types with the option of fixed video orientation on mobile 

Branded experience

Customise Recordr with your company logo and colours for a fully personalised user experience

Custom forms

Collect additional text-based information using custom forms configured for your needs

Multiple recordings

Capture multiple recordings per user, with optional time limits and skip options

Secure storage

All submissions are securely stored in our bespoke collaborative Recordr portal

Review, approve and download

Conveniently review, rate, approve, comment on and download submissions via our portal

Transcriptions & analysis

All submissions are automatically transcribed with added sentiment analysis


Make your events more engaging and interactive

Recordr and a simple and cost effective solution for increasing engagement and interactivity at your events & AGMs


Enhance alumni feedback and create social content

Find out more about what alumni really think about your uni and course and use responses to create authentic social content  


Streamline your video production process

With a suite of powerful tools and features, you can streamline processes, automate workflows, and maximize your marketing potential for optimal results.

Pricing plans

Our plans are designed to grow with your needs. Please contact us if you have requirements that are not suited to any of the plans below.


Up to 100 submissions


per project/app


Up to 300 submissions


per project/app


Up to 500 submissions


per project/app

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If you would like to talk to us about your requirements, or get a demo of Recordr, please contact us through the form, or email on

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions that aren’t covered below, please contact us, we’ll be happy to help with any of your queries.

Do I need to set-up my own app?

No! Our highly experienced team will help you design, implement and customise your Recordr. All you need to do is send the link!

How many video questions can I include?

We allow up-to 10 video-based questions per Recordr app.

Can I also ask text-based questions?

Yes! Recordr has fully customisable forms with different field types, and you can even have multiple form pages if required.

Does Recordr work across all devices?

Yes, Recordr works seamlessly across all device types with the option of fixed video orientation on mobile.

How do my users access my Recordr app?

Your Recordr will be accessible via a single customised link, meaning that your users can access via a browser with no app or login required.

What format are the recorded videos?

Videos actually come to us in both webm and mp4 format, but are then all encoded to mp4 for consistency. 

How do I view and download the videos?

You can conveniently review, rate, approve, comment on and download submissions via our bespoke secure portal.

What happens if I exceed the submission limit?

You have two options here; we can either close your Recordr app when you hit the limit, or you can pay on a per additional submission basis.

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